Build-Up PWBs

This PWB is made of conductive layers that are connected by copper-plated laser via, the circuit density can be increased remarkably to reduce the size and thickness.

Density can be increased without reducing the reliability by employing interstitial via holes (IVH) and blind via holes (BVH).

Principal use

Communication equipment / The mobile terminal industry / Measuring equipment

Technology / Composition

Cavity PWBs

This PWB has a cavity structure on part of the board’s surface. Components can be mounted in cavities to increase compactness and high-frequency characteristics.

Conventional ceramic PWBs can be replaced with these PWBs.

Principal use

Sensor / Power amplifier / Semiconductor package

Technology / Composition

Embedded Component PWBs

Reliable products can be manufactured by embedding and laminating components.

In addition, passive components can be embedded in multilayer structures to supply high-density products.

Principal use

High-Frequency Components

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