In Response to the COVID-19 strategies reported, we outline the required actions to keep our customers, partners, employees and their families safe. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.


  • Taking their body temperature everyday. Washing hands, wearing masks as a precautionary measure.
  • Hand sanitizer is now available throughout the factory. We highly recommend practicing proper use at all times.
  • Avoiding the three CS.
  • Releasing internal notification about COVID-19 policy, sanitizer, body coverings are prepared for emergency situation.

Operationa status

  • All factory is running.
  • We will announce in this website or phone/email from the person in charge if there is any change about this status.
  • We are hiring new graduates and experts currently.

Customers and partners

  • We may ask to change meeting way to online, email or phone to the guest who visit from areas with many reported case.
  • We reserve the right to refuse visiting if you have a fever or cough, or any symptoms.
  • We highly recommend wearing masks in proper way at all times to visit us.
  • Hand sanitizer are also provided. Please practice proper hand sanitizing whenever possible.